Language of Belonging

Kuva: Eeti Piiroinen, 2020

Kuulumisen kieli Språkets tillhörighet 归属语言
Язык Включенности Le langage de l’appartenance Kuulumise keel لغة الانتماء

The exhibition title needed to be changed. The content was there, ready. But we were struggling with words.

How could we capture the aims of inclusivity, for all bodies, for humans and non-humans? Is not the mother tongue of all born from an intuitive desire to belong? To be heard? To feel safe?

From our efforts towards diversity and inclusion comes the struggle to create definitions, to translate, to understand, and to become aware of how our words, language, culture and communities shape our thoughts and imaginations. What are our possible futures? What is our present reference? How can we reconsider ourselves by listening to others?

Fourteen artists from different backgrounds, art departments, mother tongues and cultures, will be showing a range of works and perspectives on these themes. We recast our first exhibition title to capture the essence of what we all seek to find: a Language of Belonging.

Through the exhibitions’ artworks and public programs, including a performance, panel discussion, Open Mic Night and guest lecturer, we seek to open up the conversation. With dialogue and listening comes room for awareness and empathy. We need you to help expand the conversation and together create meaningful positive change. Come join us!

Exhibiting artists:

Dasha Che, Linda Ciesielski, Rag Elnyg, Maria Erikson, Aleksi Kallioja, Yassine Khaled (alumni), Lauri Lähteenmäki, Tuuli Ojala, Emma Peura, Eeti Piiroinen, Leena Saarinen, Milja Salonen, Jingke Xu, Haliz Yosef


Thu 13.2. Opening Performance at 19:00

Dasha Che (TeaK LAPS) ‘Future Parts: What happens when it stops’

Based in three countries simultaneously, living three different lines, while not being able to follow any of them in full capacity, the performer explores the ever-changing closeness and distance to un/familiar places and objects through the epic story of Pac Man. This work is a maze of movements and thoughts on object to self, object to object relationships, agency, misfires and in/complete connections while living in precariousness and losses of contemporary world.

Wed 26.2. Guest speaker at 18-19: Tuula-Maija Magga-Hetta

Tuula-Maija Magga-Hetta, Sámi textile artist & reindeer farmer’s wife Magga-Hetta talks about her life in Lapland in the Sámi village Vuotso. Lecture in Finnish, translated into English.

Tuula-Maija Magga-Hetta, Sámi textile artist and reindeer herding host from Vuotso, tells about her own path in the Sámi way of life and year cycle. The stories derive from the Sámi culture through crafts, nature and traditional ways of thinking. Magga-Hetta discusses the reconciliation of the Sámi cultural heritage with the modern world, and the possibilities of the individual to combine the Sámi tradition with the contemporary.

Tuula-Maija Magga-Hetta was born as a reindeer herdman’s daughter in Sámi village Vuotso. The reindeer and the way of Sámi living are near her heart. She grew up learning the skills of reindeer herding and traditional handicraft from her family, especially from her mother. These days she is a reindeer herdman’s wife and mother of three children, who are working in reindeer herding and living in Sámi culture.

Magga-Hetta has worked on the Sámi cultural theme for all her life. She has her own gallery situated in her family’s place, which is the same house in where she was born, and was built by her father. The gallery exhibits her own art and traditional Sámi handicraft.

Magga-Hetta also runs programs in the gallery, including a workshop called “The Triangle of Life”. The workshop is in the same moment the story about our life and atmosphere from the north, and is more than just a form of crafts, a specific material, or even a theme. The triangle is the thought, a means of expression, or a method for handling one’s own life experiences.

Tue 3.3. Student Panel Discussion klo 18-19

‘Uniarts’ introspective: reframing diversity, inclusion and the language of belonging’

Neicia Marsh (SibA) Master's Arts Management thesis examined Black, Asian and minority ethnic leadership within the arts.

Dasha Che, (TeaK) Master's LAPS student, led Telaboratoria (Body Laboratory) before entering TeaK, a dance empowerment program for the LGBTQ+ in St. Petersburg and other cities in Russia. Dasha is now part of a small group of students working on inclusion strategies at Uniarts, including a survey on gender diversity.

Jonni Korhonen (Kuva) is a curator studying in the Praxis Master’s Programme at Kuva, with a background in art history.

Moderator: Linda Ciesielski (Kuva) 3rd year Printmaking student with a background in landscape architecture and city planning.

Sat 7.3. Open Mic Night klo 19-21.

Open Call until 28.2. email: exlabopenmic@gmail.com

Recite a poem, short story, or song in any language of your choice. Short performances welcome (max 10 min).

Curated and organized by Linda Ciesielski

Exhibition Laboratory

Merimiehenkatu 36 C

00150, Helsinki

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