This Coming Together


Toni Elg, Maija Fox, Maija Käyhkö, Pedro Riva, Eero Tiittula, Sakari Vinko, Man Yau & Xiao Zhiyu.

This Coming Together is a spin-off from the Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts and Saastamoinen Foundation mentorship program in 2021–2023, a self-imposed exhibition reflecting the eight participant student/artists shared interest in peer support. Like the ambiguous title, the exhibition offers versatile artistic entry points and questions on the social complexities related to peer learning, working and being together within the so-called art world contexts.

The mentorship program establishes an intense peer support group to assist the participant students in their educational experience and prepare for practice post-art school. The program is part of the project International incubators in Fine Arts and the participant selection was conducted through a call for students at the Academy of Fine Arts. The program was run by curator Angela Rosenberg and artist Hans Rosenström, and the curator / university teacher Sakari Tervo was invited by the participant students to assist in the exhibition making process.


Sörnäisten rantatie 19

00530 Helsinki

Open Tue–Sun 11–18.