Kuvan Kevät 2024

The annual exhibition Kuvan Kevät showcases the works by students completing their master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts. Students from all four subject areas participate in the exhibition: Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Time and Space Arts.

Kuvan Kevät 2024 showcases works of up to 51 fine arts students. The exhibition will be spread across the Kuva/Tila gallery, other floors of the Mylly building and outdoor spaces around the Sörnäinen campus: the massive empty lot next on Haapaniemenkatu will create an exceptional exhibition space for land art, installations, and performances.

Works are arranged in the gallery space to engage in conversation with each other, while forming thematic ensembles. The viewer is taken through abstract visual expression, to the intersections of science, art, and technology, through memory and trauma, towards a speculative future, encounters between species and finally to the warm spirit of humanism.

Lecturer and visual artist Tuomo Rainio is in charge of Kuvan Kevät 2024. He has been a lecturer in art and technology at the Academy of Fine Arts since 2017. His work is based on the idea of art as a dialogue – a multivoiced conversation that takes place between artists, works, spaces and audiences.


There will be performances, presentations, and guided tours throughout the duration of the exhibition. On the Event Day, Saturday 18 May, we will be hosting a number of performances – welcome! No pre-registration is required and all events are free to attend.

Opening on Friday 3 May from 5–9 pm.

Guided tours

Wednesday 15 May from 4 to 5 pm
Coordinating teacher and curator Tuomo Rainio's guided tour as part of the Kallio Kukkii festival. The tour starts from the lobby of Mylly.

Thursday 30 May from 2 to 3 pm
Coordinating teacher and curator Tuomo Rainio's guided tour. The tour starts from the lobby of Mylly.

Soyoung Christina Chung: Actuality (VR performance)

Saturday 18 May from 11 am to 6 pm
Sunday 19 May from 11 am to 6 pm
Note! The times of the performance have changed.

A durational performance during the opening hours of the exhibition in front of the staircase on the 2nd floor of Mylly. In English.

Soyoung Christina Chung will play VRChat with Quest 3 device and it will be live streamed in the screening. In the VR world, she will be engaging with different internet users. Next to the screen, there will be a whiteboard where she records all the relationships she makes with people in the VR world. Audience can watch and listen with headsets. There is a chair, a bed and a bottle of water so that she can sleep and sit down during the performance.

A. Hunt & working group: Durational Live Art Work

At the opening Friday 3 May at 7 pm
Saturday 11 May at 2 pm
Saturday 18 May at 2 pm
Saturday 25 May at 2 pm

Duration approximately 1,5-2 hours.

A. Hunt and collaborators Tina Jeranko and Artturi Nokelainen will perform a Durational Live Art Work in the Pit, near the construction barricades.

The live art events are activated in conjunction with A. Hunt's sculptural works on display for Kuvan Kevät. The durational performances span the principle of the objects as being between function and concept. Performers negotiate spatial constellations between themselves with the works, using fundamental scores such as assembling, disassembling, pushing, leaning, and weight transfer to address questions of how we 'together'.

All performances are durational in nature meaning the viewer may come and go as they please from the site.

Hanna Kytö presents her artworks

Hanna Kytö talks about her artistic practice and how storytelling plays an important role in it on Saturday 18 May at 1 pm (in Finnish) and 4 pm (in Finnish or English). Duration approx. 30 minutes. Gathering in the lobby of the Mylly building, where the artist will lead the audience to the gallery.

Priss Niinikoski: Sonic mediations

At the opening Friday 3 May at 5 pm
Saturday 18 May at 3 pm

In the White studio on the 1st floor of Mylly. Duration approximately 20 minutes.

How does an apparatus measure and mediate information through its materiality and structures? And how does the body situate itself among them? Sonic mediations is a sound installation and performance in which the agency of textiles is activated by the orientation of the body in the space. Introducing the body into the system creates unpredictable variables between the precise and the imprecise. The body performs with the system in instability, mediating without a common language, in negotiation with the space through sound and presence.

Exceptions to the opening hours

Closed on Ascension day 9 May.

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