Time and Space exhibition 2023 vol. 1 & 2

Photo: Tanja Kiiveri

The exhibition year of Kuva/Tila includes an exhibition time reserved for the use of one of the four subject areas of the Academy of Fine Arts. The subject area in turn decides how to use the exhibition space.

The students and teachers of the Time and Space Arts subject area will participate in the two-part group exhibition.

The first part of the exhibition is from 20 to 29 January 2023, opening on Thursday 19 January from 17:00 to 19:00. The second part is 10.–19.2.2023, opening on Thursday 9.2. from 17:00 to 19:00. Installation break and exhibition closed from 30 January to 9 February.

The subject area of time and space arts provides instruction in site and situation-specific art, moving image and photography. The teaching focuses on various aspects of artistic work, including the conceptual, pictorial, spatial and bodily dimensions of art. Learn more about the studies.

Vol. 1 20.–29.1.


Ignata Elena, Aino Huhtaniemi, Matilda Keränen, Jaana Kokko, Karoliina Korvuo, Onni Kuivalahti, Santtu Laine, Sanna Liljander, Amanda Lono, Aleksi Martikainen, Tero Niskanen, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Joakim Pusenius, Xenia Ramm, Inari Sandell, Toni Vallasjoki, Eetu Vekki, Milja Viita, Simone Weber

Books from the course Publishing as Artistic Practice: Jemiina Halonen, Aleksi Kallioja, Tanja Koljonen, Diana Luganski, Liina Mäki-Patola, Sergei Pavlov, Paula Ruusuranta, Maria Viirros, Sofia Vuorenmaa

Analog film making course: Lotta Hurnanen, Aleksi Kallioja, Saara Karppinen, Oliver Reuter, Anna Törrönen, Sofia Vuorenmaa, Rong-Ci Zhang

Vol. 2 10.–19.2.


Ignata Elena, Aino Huhtaniemi, Matilda Keränen, Jaana Kokko, Karoliina Korvuo, Santtu Laine, Sanna Liljander, Amanda Lono, Aleksi Martikainen, Anna-Sofia Nylund-Allen, Onni Kuivalahti, Eetu Palomäki, Joakim Pusenius, Inari Sandell, Xenia Ramm, Toni Vallasjoki, Milja Viita, Simone Weber

Analog Film Making course: Eddie Choo, Niklas Feinik, Paola Guzman Figueroa, Ville Koskinen, Sanna Liljander, Sakari Vilminko, Eva Volmerson

Exhibition coordinator: Lecturer Tanja Kiiveri


There will be film screenings and performances during the exhibition. Programme subject to change.

Milja Viita: Bambi

Screenings: Fri 10.02. at 17.30, Thu 16.02. at 14, Sun 19.02. at 14

Eetu Vekki & co: Ex machina

Performances: Wed 15.02. at 18, Thu 16.02. at 18, Fri 17.02. at 18, Sat 18.02. at 13.

Ex Machina is a dialogue between human and algorithmic authorship and interpretation. The work presents the interpretative possibilities of speculative notations through movement and sound. In the work created for the Kuva/Tila exhibition space, the speculative notations created by artificial intelligence are shaped into an installation and performance through research, interpretation and imagination. The nature of synthetic and organic, mechanical and human is sought to be understood and structured in new ways.

Concept, Choreography & Composition by Eetu Vekki & co. Performer: Corinne Mustonen
Sound design: Murrettumeri
Costume Design: Raisa Raudas Violin: Meriheini Luoto

Simone Weber: Melting Eyes

Performances: Sat 11.02. at 18, Sun 12.02. at 18.

“Melting Eyes” is a multimedia performance that explores the binaries of nature & culture, body & technologies,human & material, natural & artificial, emotionality & frigidity. Inspired by more-than-human nature and in dialogue with different materialities like soil and the space, an assemblage of movement, moving image, technology (screens) and sound form a landscape in which the body oscillates between theatricality, literality and abstraction.

“Melting Eyes” was made as sequel of my Kuvan Kevät graduation work “reverberation”. Both of works are installations of potential performative situations which are created by staging actions and materials that imply certain activation. Both works leave a landscape of leftovers, past sound and vibration, or broken drum sticks, geology of sand and soil, misplaced television screens.

Sound design by Murrettumeri

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