Claws and Connections – All the World’s Senses

The exhibition Claws and Connections is a celebration of the most precious aspects of artistic research: works and artistic practice. It is the first comprehensive artistic research exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts. It features contributions from 34 artist-researchers or groups, including doctoral and post-doctoral researchers and MFA graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts and Uniarts Helsinki. The exhibition is curated by Denise Ziegler, Maiju Loukola, Haidi Motola and Mika Elo.

Parts of the exhibition change over time. It consists of propositions that inhabit the space in a more permanent manner, as well as works and gestures that take centre stage for a shorter period during the event week. Installations, sounds, paintings, videos, performances, interventions, exercises, excerpts, workshops, sculptures, and scores will have a chance to show their claws and suggest new ways of connecting.

The exhibition is a forum for artistic research that invites visitors to experience artistic research in its home field. Here, experimental arrangements, research gestures, processes and artworks perform their epistemic twists and turns on their own terms in a pluralistic and generous ensemble.

Claws and Connections is a place for new encounters, collegial dialogue, and peer-to-peer learning. Welcome to wonder, reflect and discuss – in medias res!


Ajauksia group, Jan-Erik Andersson, working group Ari Björn, Outi Autti, Alix Varnajot, Thora Herrmann & Albina Pashkevich, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Matthew Cowan, Jack Faber, Miklos Gáal, Siiri Haarla, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Mari Helisevä-Miyamoto, Heidi Hänninen / KAS! collective, Iiris Kaarlehto & Klaus Maunuksela, Kiiveri & Euro, Anni Laakso, Santtu Laine, Veli Lehtovaara, Nina Liebenberg, Lauri Lähteenmäki & Maarit Laihonen, Zagros Manuchar, Heini Nieminen, Tuula Närhinen, Ilya Orlov, Simo Ripatti, Jaakko Ruuska, Elina Saloranta, Mia Seppälä, SubaruSisters, Katja Syrjä, to kosie, Katja Tukiainen, Timo Tähkänen, Hanna Vahvaselkä, Rut Karin Zettergren


Exhibition opening on Thursday, January 25, 5–7pm.

Event Week with daily program takes place between Tuesday 30.1. and Sunday 4.2. Full program available at Uniarts.fi.

The Event Week will focus on a daily changing setting of research-oriented gestures, talk and practical research arrangements. The programme includes performances, works using various media and materialities, moderated discussions around the works and ongoing research processes on display in the exhibition, lecture performances, readings, and two workshops – one focusing on senses and sensibilities, and the other exploring alternative ways of experiencing an exhibition. Welcome to experience all this!

Discussion and sound performance 20 Feb at 4pm

Mari Helisevä-Miyamoto talks about her work Remote Sensing and her artistic practice on Tuesday 20 February at 4pm. After the discussion, Esa Ruoho/Lackluster performs an ambient sound improvisation based on the impressions and impacts of the exhibition.

Exhibition Spaces

Kuva/Tila, Mylly staircase, Myllytori (2nd floor) and Mylly 2nd floor.


The exhibition catalogue is available in Taju, The University of the Arts' online archive.

Further information

Read the exhibition's curators' interview via this link.


Sörnäisten rantatie 19

00530 Helsinki

Tue–Sun 11–18