Xiao Zhiyu

Picture of a curtain-like metal object against a concrete background.

from «Installing Allusions», 2022 aluminium, oil painting, wood, iron-powder, books.

The artworks are exhibited in the Kuva/Tila gallery on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.

Folds draw two distant points on a surface nearer to each other, creating shortcuts. This can be seen as a spatial manipulation that suggests new relations, leaving empty spaces of signification. On the fluid structure of a curtain, folds form and become undone in continuous motion. Archives are similar, moments defined by the moving relations of the elements they contain. When new materials are included, categories are re-specified and new relations are drawn between them. This collection presents itself as an open archive, where the process of insertion and extraction is constantly happening. The viewer, the object, the meaning… each element is a prop of each other, an allusion that is conceived to perpetually suggest different definitions of the others.

The project is realised with the sponsorship of Alumeco Finland Oy Ab.

About the artist

Artist Xiao Zhiyu was born in 1995 in China.

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