Tuomas Lehtomaa

Tuomas Lehtomaa

Ebb and flow

Tuomas Lehtomaa: Tikapuu ja tai/and or tend -ing/

The legs of trousers that were too long dragging on the ground. A packed trolley. Stretching inside a large arena, on a sand field, fear in the knees.

Between a large hole, a restaurant, a gallery space, a padel playing field, someone walking a dog, and a pile of coal, I am trying to tie together something until I finally place everything I have gathered and constructed in their old place, or a new one.

About the artist

Tuomas Lehtomaa (b. 1994) is a Helsinki-based visual artist, who works on/through themes related to space, matter, and situations. He is currently studying in the subject area of Sculpture at Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts.

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