Tuomas Laitinen

Tuomas Laitinen

Ebb and flow

Tuomas Laitinen: Time to Audience

Time to Audience is a reading event in two acts. It is a piece of time handed to us when we appear as an audience. Both acts are available as a limited edition of reading objects. The audience will take part as readers.

The first act was performed on the 13th of November at the Moving in November festival [https://movinginnovember.fi/time-to-audience-2/]. In this act, all audience members read at the same time, but in different locations.

The second act takes place at Ebb and flow exhibition and will continue throughout the exhibition period. In this act, all audience members will read in the same place, but at different times. On each of the 40 exhibition days one visitor can take part in the reading.

The reading is part of Tuomas Laitinen’s artistic doctorate at the Performing Arts Research Center Tutke. The research project is revolving around the question what is (an) audience and what does it mean in postpandemic conditions.

Script: Tuomas Laitinen Design of the reading device in collaboration with Alexander Eriksson Furunes.

The research is funded by TTOR & Tutke (Uniarts Helsinki), Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation (in 2022) and Kone Foundation (in 2022).

About the artist

Tuomas Laitinen (b. 1974) works as a director, performer, writer, curator and teacher between the fields of live and performance art, contemporary theatre and contemporary dance. The work exhibited here is part of his doctoral research project at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy.

Laitinen’s artistic practice is particularly focused on questioning the role of the audience, experimenting with it, and consequently developing new forms of performance. Indeed, “what is (an) audience” has been a central question in his doctoral research. The research project consists of reading events, which guide the audience to reflect upon their own condition: being an audience.

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