Taru Happonen

Taru Happonen Vieraslaji

Ebb and flow

Taru Happonen: Vieraslaji

Vieraslaji (‘An invasive species’) is a three-dimensional work, which obscures the boundaries between a painting, a sculpture, and an installation. The work examines the environment where undisturbed nature has become irrevocably intertwined with non-native species and inorganic materials.

About the artist

Taru Happonen (b.1989, Lahti) is a Helsinki-based visual artist. She is currently completing her master’s studies in the subject area of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Happonen’s works have recently been exhibited in, e.g., Kuvan Kevät 2021 degree show and in a solo exhibition in Gallery Huuto. Her next solo exhibition will be organised at Gallery Forum Box in Helsinki in 2022.

Happonen’s works are included in the collections of the State Art Commission and the Helsinki University Hospital as well as in several private collections both in Finland and abroad.

Image credit: Detail from the work. Taru Happonen, Vieraslaji, 2021.

More information

IG: @taruhapponen