Tanja Koljonen

Picture of an artwork in which the left side is green and has a white shape on it. The right side is white and has word This written on it several times.

The artwork is exhibited in White Studio on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.


I pick up a random book in a second-hand bookstore to find out what its other potential could be. I want to see the lines that are printed on the pages from a different perspective, without the meanings enclosed in them. I am looking for writing within the writing. I keep increasing the distance to the original book until it becomes unrecognisable: I highlight some words by erasing others. I assign a role to the colour and add images onto the pages to complete the sentences that I had left unfinished. A new book and a new text are created.

About the artist

Artist Tanja Koljonen was born in 1981 in Muonio.