Sirkku Rosi

Picture of an aquarelle painting done on cotton.

2023, Aquarelle on cotton

The artwork is exhibited in the Kuva/Tila gallery on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.


There may be some soggy paper left in this place. A puddle, something that spills over the edges. I am flowing, draining to the ground.

I would like to make light conversation about serious topics, but the stems of the spatterdocks entangle around my ankles. Hair is growing out of the soil, and I hide the treasures underneath the nails.

Working with aquarelles reminds me of the watery basis of the body and of the fluids that constantly circulate within us: fluids composed of water molecules that originate from the primeval sea and space.

I practice observing the world with my heel and hipbones. I am reaching thoughts that escape well-formed sentences. The skin is porous - the flora and fauna move within me and in and out of me.

My cells breathe the same air and thinking exists inside of us.

About the artist

Artist Sirkku Rosi was born in 1987 in Lempäälä.

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