Siiri Korhonen

Picture of pieces of wood sawn off a tree stump and a chain saw next to it.

2023, Reclaimed wood (oak, ash), glue, earth pigment

The artwork is exhibited on the 1st floor stairs of the Mylly building.


I thought about my friends, myself, and the nice punk next door whose car is always broken. All the best people I know are disabled, autistic, annoying women, vague queers with poor credit score, difficult and lovely people. How would it be if one of us ended up on a pedestal?

I wanted to do it properly. I had to learn to draw, measure, build, estimate angles and distances, know the properties of materials and use a wide range of different magical skills. Making a monument can’t be easy, it must be a show of effort.

About the artist

Artist Siiri Korhonen was born in 1992 in Oulu.

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