Niina Villanueva

Picture of two paintings that have green, yellow and red colours in them.

The artwork is exhibited on the 1st floor lobby of the Mylly building.


I approach painting as an event in an intuitive space, where the materials and pigments function as elements that I try to understand and organise up to a point. When the painting starts to take shape, tensions and structures begin to emerge in it; it is as if the image starts to form layers of itself in order to be finished.

I am interested in the mythicization of magic, esotericism, and intuition as well as the human tendency to mystify the natural and animal instincts and traits that exist inside of us. It is precisely the presence of these elements that I find to be even mandatory in the act of painting, at some kind of boundary between spirit and matter and getting in tune.

About the artist

Artist Niina Villanueva was born in 1984.

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