Mimma Tuomisalo

Picture of visual artwork.

The artwork is exhibited in Majakka on the 6th floor of the Mylly building.


This work looks out of the window as the weather falls over Merihaka like a beautiful love story alien to life. “I'll get money,” I whisper as I unlock my bike. A shower of piss pours down on a mussel stuck in a thicket of reeds.

There is whittling of a three-pronged stick, there is a question of any sort to which an answer is sought by repeating a small unit, there is the auraticity of a unique piece, and an ornament, a snippet of fiction that floats in space without its narrator and laughs at its own clumsiness. This work is a phone-in concert after sad news.

About the artist

Artist Mimma Tuomisalo was born in 1994 in Tampere.