Maryam Sajedi

Picture of see-through papers that have texts in them.

2023, "Tell my mother that she no longer has a daughter" " به مادرم بگویید دیگر دختر ندارد"

The artwork is exhibited in White Studio on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.


“Tell my mother that she no longer has a daughter”
This is a political slogan* and the book title as well.

I read messages and receive news via social media every single day. They pass through my mental filter and are then documented by using printing techniques to reflect the effects they have on my life as an artist. This is a very personal artistic book. It might not be readable or understandable. You are free to open it, look at the pages, and touch my soul.

I am going through difficult days.

The slogan was used by women in Iran during the “Woman, Life, Freedom” protests in the streets

About the artist

Artist Maryam Sajedi was born in 1979 in Iran.