Lotta Hurnanen

Picture of a blurry photograph of a window that has a fly on it. Behind the window there is a wintery landscape.

Kivipelto, 2023, 16 mm filmi

The artwork is exhibited in the Pieni näyttelytila / Small exhibition space on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.


The old field is overgrown with grass. Willow, aspen and birch saplings inch their way from the edge of the forest towards the clearing. The field is trying to become part of the forest once more. Twenty years ago, it was full of neat rows of strawberry bushes covered with a green plastic netting. The shovel bites into the soil, breaking a piece of it. The clay feels cold in my hand; it is both smooth and rough, heavy, familiar.
Buried underground the film has become brittle and broken, soaked by the spring’s meltwaters. The work examines exposure to the environment: the touch between film and ground, landscape and image.

About the artist

Artist Lotta Hurnanen was born in 1995 in Parkano.