Kaisla Kyyhkynen

Picture of artists materials, fabrics and artworks that are wet due to water damage.

2023, Installation

The artwork is exhibited in the Kaiku-gallery on the 5th floor of the Mylly building.


I enter my studio.
Amidst the flashing lights of a firetruck.
I sit on the floor to cut some paper.
The school is flooding.
I assemble the pieces and place them in the correct position.
My phone captures my steps into the puddle that has formed in the lobby.
The overlapping surfaces comment on each other.
It’s the third time within six months I’m relocating my studio.
The awkward shape forces me to continue.
The insurance company asks: “For whom have you made these works – yourself or for sale?“

About the artist

Artist Kaisla Kyyhkynen was born in 1995 in Helsinki.