Jemiina Halonen

Picture of a wall that has small lines of different lengths drawn on it.

The artwork is exhibited in the Kaiku-gallery on the 5th floor of the Mylly building.


I make marks on a lithography stone for as long as it takes me to exhale. I pause to inhale, then draw again, line after line, for as long as the breath lasts.

I block out all sensory stimuli and concentrate on the rhythm of breathing and drawing. The lines reflect the state I’m in – too much inside my head, I end up trying to draw as many lines as possible and they start to form connecting threads, like incomprehensible writing. When I’m fully focused, I make one mark at a time, a clear straight line.

The lines sit next to each other like birds on a wire, and even though they are here now, it feels like they are only resting, soon off somewhere else.