Ignata Elana

A colorful work with lots of details. The work consists of two separate images that combine in the middle. The work has hands on both sides that reach up. In the middle of the hands are four people surrounded by barbed wire. There is a blue character at the bottom left. There is a sole at the bottom right.

i imagine liquid 2021 Performance, event, gig, lecture performance

The artworks are exhibited at Exhibition Laboratory (B).

When I think of the word fluctuate, concrete images appear in my head. The weak force of attraction of the particles, the ability to change shape without being tied to restoring forces. I imagine liquid, in motion overflowing/spilling over the bounding edge of a solid object. A container with limited capacity. I see how a portion of the liquid mass separates itself from the rest, like simplified mitosis. what emerges no longer belongs.

About the artist

Artist Ignata Elana was born in 1991 in Valparaíso, Chile.

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