Ida Stenros

Picture of an black ad white artwork.


The artwork is exhibited in Majakka on the 6th floor of the Mylly building.


There used to be a catalogue text here, but it has faded away.

now there is:

an aqua sky overshooting the horizon, a misty bay in the middle of a wasteland, silt
rotten salt crystal, greenish-black mineral water, a reflection of a rock
sea sprouts, beach fissure and sand
a piece of rock covered in slime, deep water

the water shimmers, a collection of stones on the beach

mist, translucent moss
in the middle of nowhere, faint streaks of light gleaming through the water
dim, soft, orange and purple strands
a strange vine, cyan glow
glistening, glittery, unrealistically soft
pumice, etc.

A wide-angle shot of an ancient wild garden, old trees, and glowing plants underwater. A dark ocean, silent, still, deep water. Transparent flowers rise from the bottom, float, climb, and reach towards the surface. A small scorpion sleeping on the garden wall, near the translucent black flower, underwater at night. The shape and structures of the flower are so complex that I don’t recognize it, all I see is the pale purple glow of the leaves. A magenta dragonfly climbs the wall, its wings bright, smooth, and sparkling, full of light. A rose dies, and some pink flower that looks like an upside-down heart.

I guess the artwork was a lot like the catalogue text

fragile, passing, a mirage
temporary, unreliable

inconspicuous and vague

difficult to handle,


About the artist

Artist Ida Stenros was born in 1994 in Helsinki.