Alyssa Coffin

Picture of handwriting on white paper that says: To make an image: dip your hand in earth and then touch.

2022–2023, Forest matter, participatory installation

The artwork is exhibited in room K348 on the 3rd floor of the Mylly building.


Come inside. quiet chamber.

Image: the red of dying blueberry leaves soft squish of pine earth.

Hands dialoguing with birch arms coaxing in, poking out, coaxing in, poking out

a womb, a holding space, a hovering lung, erasure by snow.

Slick cold of glassy bounds, blurring bodies.

Rocks scratched out of darkness into wet heft of blanket green.

Close your eyes.

About the artist

Alyssa Coffin was born in 1991 in Massachusetts, USA.

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