Alex Schellong

Picture of an artwork that has shapes and words: Semantic, Bounds and Violation

2023, aluminium, laser-cut plywood, plastic, acrylic paint, LCD screens, electronics

The artwork is exhibited in White Studio on the 1st floor of the Mylly building.


One cannot enjoy Y before experiencing and remembering X. One might appreciate B because they have not come across a rather similar A. Appreciation is for the most part based on prior experience.

I wish to no longer leave the external appreciation of art up to chance dependent above all on the artists’ preferential alignment with that of the variable spectator. Let’s abandon the shortcomings of the present paradigm, the production of similar experience-instances/artworks caused by the limitations of the human condition.

And instead leap upwards to the newly accessible heights on top of the current ways of artmaking. Empirically calculating the artwork’s effects, optimal audience and its place in the world. With the pinnacle being superlative experiences built upon the individual’s current neural configurations. After all, art should be entertaining, should it not?

Presented here are the intermediate products in pursuit of this future. Exploring its particular facets of capturing all available visual forms of a two-dimensional shape and the possibility of a visual, yet nonsymbolic, universal language.

About the artist

Artist Alex Schellong was born 1998 in Czech republic.

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