Paulon Säätiön kutsunäyttely: "Together. Differently."

Ida Fleming, Joni Kärkkäinen & Valo Vairio, Vilma Määttänen, Jussi Nykänen, Nils Titus, Teppo Vesikukka

Vuoden 2019 Paulon Säätiön kutsunäyttely Together. Differently. esittelee teoksia viideltä nuorelta taiteilijalta ja yhdeltä työparilta. Näyttelyn kuraattorit ovat Bart Witte ja Friso Wiersum (Expodium collective, Utrecht, Alankomaat).

Näyttelyn aikana on tapahtumia lähes joka päivä. Katso ajankohtaiset lisätiedot näyttelyn Facebook-tapahtumasta.

Paulon Säätiö myöntää vuosittain nuorelle taiteilijalle tai työryhmälle stipendin näyttelyn ja näyttelyluettelon toteuttamiseen. Kutsunäyttelyn taiteilijan valitsee vuosittain vaihtuva kuraattori. Näyttely järjestetään elokuussa Kuvataideakatemian Project Roomissa.


Together. Differently.

I wouldn’t even be walking on two legs, if I didn’t see others around me do so.

Echo chambers have always been there. Filter bubbles have always been there. Subcultures have always been there. But they would overlap a little more and so we did meet other people, other opinions, other animals and other lifestyles more frequently. When looking back on the phenomenon of actually meeting Others we might lament the modesty it brought us, as we would understand our way was not the only way. We might long back to the moments filled with surprise they brought us, as we didn’t expect what was actually happening. But mostly we remember the sheer joy of finding out other possibilities existed.

It is this joy we miss.

In society as in arts the notions of joy, of fun, of playing, of failing, of just trying and seeing where it gets you, have become rare. We have our individual lives. We all feel the urge to be unique. So yes, extreme experiences are sold and communicated as commodities. But the salesman knows exactly what he sells you. The databroker knows exactly who is going to buy it.

Only when we sleep we turn into innocent babies again.

Homo Ludens has fallen in the trap of the Society of the Spectacle. The mythical position of the genius artist has become a joke. For even without wanting to, we are together. And a new era might be dawning; climate change forces us to rise above our individuality. Does it bring new means for being together, surprising one another, sharing the present? With other humans as with the world which surrounds us? To be together. But differently?

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