Surrender? Surrender

Artists: Anna Ting Möller, Anne Naukkarinen & Maarit Mustonen,
Emilia Tikka, Heikki Kaski, Johanna Härkönen, Milka Luhtaniemi, Miradonna Sirkka, Suvi Sysi

The exhibition Surrender? Surrender proposes ways of restructuring oneself in relation to the world. Practicing how to step back and breathe in moments of instability, disruption and uncertainty. And in doing so, allowing ourselves to be embraced by the fragility of the times, taking comfort in the inbetweenness and following the potentiality of the transformation.

Surrender? Surrender plays with different processes of stepping from unstable presents to unpredictable futures through different forms of storytelling. In their works, the artists are seeking ways to question and redefine the borders of the bodily experience of space, time, language, identity and societal structures and also between the artwork and the artist.

Surrender? Surrender is curated by Praxis Master Programme students Chih Tung Lin, Jonni Korhonen, Noora Lehtovuori, Ria Andrews, and Riikka Thitz. Exchange students Kaisa Maasik and Kati Ots were also part of the curatorial process during the autumn semester of 2019.

For more info about the events during the exhibition, read more here.

Exhibition Laboratory

Merimiehenkatu 36 C

00150, Helsinki

Permanently closed