Kuvan Kevät 2021

MFA Degree Show of Uniarts Helsinki's Academy of Fine Arts

Kuvan Kevät is the annual MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki.

Kuvan Kevät presents new works by emerging artists from the Academy’s all four study areas (Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Time and Space Arts). Year 2021 Kuvan Kevät showcases works by 46 art students that are finishing their MFA degree.

Covid-19 restrictions

The maximum number of simultaneous visitors to the MFA Degree Show Kuvan Kevät 2021 will be increased to 20 people at Exhibition Laboratory and at Exhibition Laboratory B starting from 28 May 2021. The maximum number of visitors at Project Room is still ten people.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no opening reception this year.

Pavel Rotts: Climbing a Memory

Climbing attempt #1 Wed 12.05 17:00 in front of Project Room gallery
Climbing attempt #2 Sun 16.05 16:00 Hietalahdentori on the corner of Abrahaminkatu and Bulevardi
Climbing attempt #3 Thu 20.05 17:00 in front of Project Room gallery
Climbing attempt #4 Thu 3.06 17:00 Hietalahdentori on the corner of Abrahaminkatu and Bulevardi
Climbing attempt #5 Sun 6.06 16:00 in front of Project Room gallery

There are many places in Helsinki that still retain traces of World War II - scars of grenades and bombings. Do these traces have some value for collective memory? History without memory is as unreadable as a flat wall made of granite. There is nothing to hook on to. The act of climbing for me is a way of understanding. I climb these traces in an attempt to grasp its historical complexity and let the rain wash away chalk marks left after my grips

Events are taking place in the open air. The duration of every attempt varies from 30-60 minutes. There might be cancellations or changes in the schedule due to the weather conditions. Check for the updated schedule on www.climbingamemory.com before visiting. Please wear a mask and remember social distancing.

Ignata Elana: I imagine liquid

Sun 30.05 (34 min), 7pm
Tue 01.06 (34 min), 7pm
Thu 03.06 (34 min), 7pm
Sat 05.06 (1hr 30 min), 7pm
Place: Exhibition Laboratory A/B, 5th floor.

the space that contains us,
appears as a vessel---->is the activity overflowing the
transitional characteristics of this moment?
to be drag by the behavior…carried along like a stone
falling into the sea///until it disappears
how to be present and fade from recognition.
in these sessions something is going to be transformed
(((live set music/video dairy)))

Language: English. Limited capacity. Doors will be close 5 minutes after starting. Please wear a mask and remember social distancing.

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Veera Kopsala: Säädyttömiä kuvia tulvillaan olevien ruumiiden yllä

Performances at Kulttuurikeskus Caisa are postponed to August 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Working group: Veera Kopsala, Siiri Kortelainen and Johanna Sulalampi
Read more on Caisa website.

Exhibition Laboratory

Merimiehenkatu 36 C

00150, Helsinki

Permanently closed

Exhibition Laboratory B

Merimiehenkatu 36 B

00150, Helsinki

Permanently closed

Project Room

Lönnrotinkatu 35

00180, Helsinki

Open Tue–Sun 11–18