Set The Borders On Fire!

A group exhibition bridging the two leading art schools in Helsinki and London through works of 17 emerging artists.

Kuvataideakatemia and Slade have had a fantastic history of cross-culture exchange through their exchange programmes available to students. The exhibition features recent paintings, sculptures, an installation and video, with emerging artists in Finnish, British, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and Lebanese backgrounds. Set the Borders On Fire! provides you with an enthralling perspective in the arts through its dynamic selection of international art.

Making full use of the impressive spaces of the Exhibition Laboratory at Kuvataideakatemia, this multimedia exhibition showcases the artists’ approach in exploring the materiality, psychological and physiological aspects of art-making. The artists all seem to manipulate their realities into their works through a ranged process, sometimes injecting a dose of wittiness and irony, some exploring cultural myths and dialogues. Sculptures and digital art find their place in the exhibition through responding to the act of communication and commenting on artists’ egos respectively.

This July sees the unveiling of an international artistic discourse, dealing with humanity and environment through a selection of vibrant works.

Okiki Akinfe (UK), Chika Annen (JP), Pamela Bartlett (UK), Kristy M. Chan (HK), Venla Ekebom (FI), Nour El Saleh (LB), Jessie Evans (UK), Tuomas Holst (FI), Tereza Horacek (UK), Cyrus Hung (HK), Pilvi Hyväri (FI), Siiri Korhonen (FI), Astri Laitinen (FI), Philip Lernhammar (SWE), Jamie Oldham (UK), Kerttu Saali (FI), Lauri Tiainen (FI)

Exhibition Laboratory

Merimiehenkatu 36 C

00150, Helsinki

Permanently closed