Mariliis Rebane

KK nettisivut

The exhibition takes place at the tower of the National Museum of Finland.

1985 / Tallinn

Curated art exhibition

Exhibition is supported by: The Academy of Fine Arts, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The National Museum of Finland, The Paulo Foundation

I would warmly like to invite you to an exhibition which I have organized together with artists Artor Jesus Inkerö, Azar Saiyar and Pilvi Takala. The exhibition takes place at the tower of the National Museum of Finland, and it is open from May 4 through May 17, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The exhibition foregrounds artists that implement ethnographic working methods in their practice. They use archives, fieldwork and participatory observation to study everyday life situations. By taking the mundane to its limits they test the boundaries of what is considered strange. Ethnography has a heritage of being utilized in the creation of Western superiority and placing ‘others’ in an inferior position. In this exhibition, contemporary ethnographic research methods are used to destabilize these and further power relations.

Because of the unique location, only a limited number of visitors can unfortunately enter the exhibition at the same time. This is why I would like to ask you to reserve a time from the booking calendar before coming to the show. Note that the space has restricted accessibility. When visiting with toddlers and young children, please pay special attention to their safety.

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