Iiri Poteri

KK20 ExLab-C Poteri 03

The artworks are exhibited at Exhibition Laboratory (C).

1992 / Espoo

A performative installation
My ear is present in the exhibition at various times. (Note! On 13.10, 20.10 and 27.10 I am myself guarding the exhibition, then the ear is not present in the piece.)

, when

you notice something unexpected
you are curious
you find clues
you look for meaning
you remember
you want to share a thought
you hope to be heard
you are brave
the time has come

This is a monologue, a wished dialogue. The piece between us is evidence: we are not alone. With acts and words we try to get closer. We create possibilities and impossibilities. When we are vulnerable, we realise that we are not so far apart from each other after all.